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Have you been to downtown Tucson recently? You probably won’t recognize the place. Every corner is bursting with lively music, incredible art and a bar and restaurant scene that any foodie or mixologist would appreciate. Click below to get started planning your DUSK Music Festival weekend!


Making your way down the I-10 from Flagstaff or Phoenix, coming up from Nogales or parts further south or flying in from parts unknown, there’s no shortage of easy and inexpensive ways to get to Tucson!



Tucson is known for some very special places to stay. From world-class spas and resorts to mid-century mod road-side motels and every other type of accommodation in between, you'll find something to suit your taste and your budget not too far from Armory Park.

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Skip the Southwest stereotypes and experience the real deal, where history is right at your fingertips and nature is all around you. With museums, historic sites, hiking trails, golf courses and shopping around every turn, when you’re not enjoying the festival, Tucson gives you the freedom to roam, exploring a part of the country like no other.

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DUSK Music Festival is proud to partner with Visit Tucson to promote Tucson & Southern Arizona! Tucson inspires a sense of freedom among all who visit. Freedom to discover and explore. And the freedom to be yourself!

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