Growing up in the Midwest gave Drew Cooper his down-home, backroads, country values that come across so clearly in his music. He may have grown up in Springfield, Illinois but Tucson, Arizona became his home away from home. Drew spent his college years at the University of Arizona, and while he has the strong presence of a linebacker, he was a cheerleader in college.

Drew has always had a strong can-do attitude that doesn’t let anything stop him or get in his way. He’s a self-taught guitar player who never let the blisters on virgin fingertips slow him down. His lyrics are inspired by the sounds of his past, his strong love of his family, and the country he holds dear. ‘Son’, ‘brother’ and most importantly, ‘Daddy’ are all names bestowed upon Drew. The music that he writes shows his strong family bond and commitment to the country values he was raised with. You can feel his heart when you see his smile, and you can hear his relentless love of music in every chord he plays. He has carried the love of music with him throughout his entire life.

He grew up on Garth Brooks, Chris Ledoux, and Bruce Springsteen. At the age of 23 he was drawn to the red dirt scene by the serenades of Radney Foster, Stoney LaRue, Cross Candian Ragweed, and Pat Green who have all inspired the music he plays today.