Joe Boston aka shallou is a Maryland-born indie electronic artist whose debut EP All Becomes Okay catapaulted him from obscurity to prominence via strong word-of-mouth buzz. With sold out headline shows across the U.S. and UK and over 100 million total Spotify plays shallou is just getting started. Tracks like ‘Lie’ and ‘Begin’ earned him multiple SiriusXM #1 spots, and landed on the Billboard Dance charts, all achieved as an independent artist.

Souls, shallou’s new EP, acts both as a companion work to All Becomes Okay as well as a progression, taking shallou’s signature happy/sad sensibility and expanding in all directions. “I approached Souls differently,” says shallou. “I was open to collaborating, to being in the room with someone else and bringing other people’s talents into what I was doing…diversifying my sound while still keeping it my own.”

Souls also ends exactly where it began, each song representing different phases of a relationship. Though every relationship might be doomed in the end, each cycle brings with it the joy as well as the pain, the highs as well as the lows, and always there’s a hope that things can be better; with every love a new world is possible.