Multi-hyphenate enigma Psycho Flower MC is an artist, designer, producer and performer in Los Angeles. She revels in the cultures of a distant utopia, where “pop” means the intersection of art, electro-rap music, cutting edge graphics and niche Internet trends. Born in Minneapolis, Psycho Flower MC draws inspiration from her Chilean roots, her love of Disney characters Goofy and Mulan, the scifi visual representations of Mobius and Jordorowsky in the dystopian Neuromancer, and the novels of Stephen King and V.C Andrews.

Her aesthetic mixes highbrow and lowbrow Future pop, tinkering with androgyny, identity and queer culture expression. She teleported from Minnesota to the East Coast, later graduating from the esteemed Rhode Island School of Design. It’s here where she incubated in the same submersive yet smart, anti-establishment yet exclusive environment as the Talking Heads and Lightning Bolt.

Alongside two anonymous artists/producers/filmmakers named GR!M3Y-T & G3NR8TR who hail from an acclaimed undisclosed musical project, Psycho Flower MC uses her multidisciplinary skills to lead the gritty yet flashy future art pop group X.X.T.