Some of Our Fave Visuals from the Artists on Our Lineup

Dillon Francis

This video is for his song “Set Me Free” with Martin Garrix. We think it’s super cool because it looks like a 2007 website and bad photoshop layout that moves around. All together, it makes this chaotic utopia that is trippy to see.  


This video is all shot in what we presume is Los Angeles,  out of a car window. It is super cinematic without taking itself too seriously.

Big Gigantic

Big Gigantic doesn’t put out a lot of music videos but this one takes you on a trip with them to Mexico while they party it up!

Cold War Kids  

The colors in this video are beautiful and the framing gives it a very film-like look.


This video is staged as an ’80s dating game and one of the contestants is Kehlani, so it is automatically poppin’!


This is definitely one of the weirder music videos we’ve seen! This song is by both A-trak AND Dillon Francis, both 2018 DUSK Music Festival artists!


This music video recently came out and it is sick!

Jai Wolf

This video for one of Jai Wolf’s most popular songs that you are probably familiar with, “Indian Summer.” It is super cinematic and gives us wanderlust!

Anna Lunoe

This video kind of looks like an Aeropostale ad that you saw in the 8th grade  (in a good way). The colors are super vibrant and there is really cool camera work involved!


This video is super trippy with all of its cool graphics and mini Falcons.


This video is set up like a magic show and there are a lot of weird characters but it all comes together when X.X.T blends herself into the video.


It looks super cool and aquatic with a little vapor wave influence.

Andrew Luce

This seems to be Andrew Luce’s first video and it is really cool artistic with the colors and cover-lays happening.


This video has an overall really strong aesthetic with the snakes and daisies. All the scenes are color coordinated, even to what the people are wearing.